March 16, 2018
Who We Are
March 16, 2018
  1. To build up the capacity of local communities, specifically youth and farmer’s through community development projects in their respective locations.
  2. To provide maximum opportunities to the young women of the area to be involve in educational development and women livelihood projects for increasing their exposure and learning for self sustaining.
  3. To build up strong linkages with in the communities and line departments to meet the any emergency situation as earlier as possible.
  4. To work on climate change, environment protection, tree plantation and save drinking water for community sanitation and hygiene.
  5. To work on the safety of forest, agriculture resources and food rights.
  6. To struggle for the minimization of Gender based violence and discrimination.
  7. To be involve on child rights activities in the working area.
  8. To work on the safety and security of energy resources of the area.
  9. To make the effort control the social evils using the media and other suitable procedures.
  10. To help and provide the grocery Orphans, poor, needy people.
  11. To setup the “Dastarkhawan” for orphans, needy people for provision the meal.
  12. Provide the medicines, wheel chairs, free of cost.
  13. Encourage the cultural activities setup the healthy society, to prevent the youth from the use of drugs, carry out the social musical programmers.
  14. Construct the Medical Dispensaries in different areas to provide free medicines.
  15. Provide the free education, books, uniforms, to poor families.
  16. To set up the welfare centers for helpless old people, widows, poor, disable persons.
  17. Make the effort to control the environmental pollution.
  18. Arrange the dowry for deserving girls.
  19. Provide the employment to the jobless peoples.
  20. Make the religious activities for women to educate them according to Islamic ethics.
  21. During the emergencies for instance flood, disease, earthquake, war disasters, help the society without any interest of community, region, religion etc.

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